Global Reach

As global construction markets have become increasingly intertwined and clients' ambitions more international in nature, FMI has been involved in creating unique solutions for owners, engineers and contractors in many of the world's geographies. In addition, FMI has helped many international clients build their U.S. operating footprint strengthening their industry market share. 

Client Advisory

FMI solutions are tailored specifically for the unique cultural, organizational and market needs of each situation. Leveraging experts from the management consulting, investment banking, leadership and research services, FMI provides:

  • Unsurpassed knowledge of the global architectural, engineering and construction industry
  • Deep research and analytical capabilities
  • Unrivaled networking ability within all segments of the industry's value chain
  • Access to U.S. markets

Strategic Partnerships

Success is predominantly defined at the local level. FMI brings the best market knowledge, unique insights and cultural understanding to clients, through strategic partnerships with local firms around the world.


Geographic Coverage

FMI serves clients in most major regions of the globe:

  • Canada / North America
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • South America
Graphic Coverage

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Global Reach

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