Management Consulting on a Global Level

Increase profit and improve the planning process by utilizing FMI's experts in business development and strategic planning.

Each FMI consultant provides you with thought leadership that has developed over six
decades of industry involvement.
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FMI’s Process


FMI's Management Consulting Planning Process

Strategic thinking is examining innovative alternatives and committing to leading solutions. No one understands competitive strategy in the engineering and construction industry like FMI. Whether your company's objective is the development of a strategic plan, a refinement of existing strategy, differentiation, growth or the development of a "game-changing" idea, FMI has the expertise and experience necessary to achieve your goals.

FMI’s strategic leadership advisory services are designed to help companies look in new places for new alternatives. Industry executives use FMI experience and research capabilities to target high-value information that enable them to improve delivery to their existing clients as well as utilizing extensive market analysis to find new markets, often increasing profitability.

Values FMI clients realize include:

  • Deep industry knowledge, insight and a unique view of global trends, the competitive landscape, market structure and customers' needs
  • Fact-based, data-driven process is designed to yield innovative strategies and new ideas
  • Independent, objective perspective that tests assumptions and challenges the status quo
  • Alignment of leadership teams and other key organizational stakeholders
  • Development of a practical strategy that is both externally aware and internally focused

Management Consulting on a Global Level

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