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FMI Management Letter

The FMI Management Letter is a quarterly newsletter for commercial contractors. The newsletter covers current management issues and results from FMI's latest research on various topics affecting the construction industry, including economic analysis, productivity, strategic planning, news of FMI services and programs, and useful management advice for contractors. The FMI Management Letter is distributed quarterly to FMI clients and contacts.

Leadership e-News

FMI's Leadership Team, the world's premier assembly of leader development consultants and coaches, focuses exclusively on the construction industry. Through the Leadership e-News, our team of exceptional leader developers will challenge, educate and encourage you as you grow and develop yourself and the future leaders of your organization.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor

The Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor is news from FMI's Investment Banking group that provides insights on mergers and acquisitions trends, recent industry transactions and public company analysis.



FMI Management Letter Past Issues:  
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Leadership e-News Past Issues:
2011 2010 2009
  • January - Develop Your Leadership
  • February - Focus on Others
  • March - Strategic Thinking and Competitive Advantage
  • April - Are You Prepared for the Perfect Storm?
  • January - Utilize Coaching
  • February - Executive Coaching Benefits
  • March - Leadership Competency of Strategic Thinking
  • April - Talent Development & Enduring Organizations
  • May - Organizational Culture as a Competitive Advantage
  • June - Fostering Optimal Employee Performance
  • July - Exceptional Results with Performance Management
  • August - Employee Development Creates Significant Differentiation
  • September - Strategic Thinking Vs. Strategic Planning
  • October - Leading in Adversity
  • November - Thinking Strategically
  • December - Motivate and Inspire Your Employees
  • January - Effective Team Leadership
  • February - Leading with Vision
  • March - Leadership and Strategy
  • April - Leadership as a Change Agent
  • May - The Power of Executive Coaching
  • June - Leading with Integrity During Tough Times
  • July - Leaders Developing Leaders
  • August - Talent Management
  • September - Training ROI
  • October - Leadership Attributes/Management Succession
  • November - Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • December - Integrity in Tough Times
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Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor Past Issues:

Fall 2010

  • Survival Strategies for Your Business: Risk Management & Profit Maximization in a Down Market
  • Value Creation in the Engineering and Construction Business
  • Top Industry Talent Joins FMI
  • Recent Industry Transactions
  • Public Company Analysis

Winter 2010

  • The Second Generation ESOP
  • 2010 Valuation Drivers
  • Recent Industry Transactions
  • Public Company Analysis

 Summer 2009

  • C Corp or S Corp? The Million Dollar Decision
  • Ownership Transition - It's Never Too Early to Plan
  • NQDC and Exit Options
  • Public Company Analysis

 Winter 2009

  • Industry Trends
  • Recent Transactions
  • Industry Summaries

 Fall 2008

  • Credit Crisis: Impact on Construction Industry M&A Activity
  • Valuation: Importance of Using an Industry Expert
  • (If You're Not Careful) There's a Hole in the Bucket

 Summer 2008

  • Down Market
  • Selling a Minority Interest to Private Equity
  • Industry Summaries

 Winter 2008

  • Exit Options for Owners: A Checklist for Selling your Company Internally
  • Evolving Capital Structures in the Construction Industry

 Summer 2007

  • Exit Options for Owners: A Checklist for Selling your Company Internally
  • Evolving Capital Structures in the Construction Industry

 Winter 2007

  • The Defining Moments of 2006
  • Low Barriers to Entry Create High Barriers to Exit

 Fall 2006

  • Private Equity as an Exit Strategy
  • Is Your E&C Firm a Candidate for Private Equity?

Summer 2006

  • Merger and Acquisition Trends in the Construction Industry

 Winter 2006

  • E&C Acquisition: Integrate or Operate?
  • What Does It Take to Be a Seller in Today's Environment?
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