FMI's Compensation Consultants assist clients in leveraging their compensation dollars, ultimately driving employee and company performance.

Compensation involves much more than simply paying employees a competitive base salary or paying a bonus every year. It reinforces company strategy and decisions, influences the organization and its culture, and drives the organization's success and employee performance. Compensation can transform a company from a marginal performer to best in class.

FMI Compensation has spent the last 15 years providing the engineering and construction industry with current and meaningful compensation data as well as consulting services in all areas of compensation.

  • Salary administration
  • Incentive and deferred compensation plan design
  • Executive compensation

FMI's Certified Compensation and Benefits Professionals possess significant experience in compensation and related areas along with a strong knowledge of the construction industry. These characteristics provide FMI Compensation clients with a way to build effective compensation and reward plans within their construction and engineering firms.

Compensation Interactive




Compensation Interactive™ is your online compensation source providing instant feedback and reporting on all of your compensation benchmarking questions.


  Drawing on two decades of compensation experience, Sal DiFonzo explores how to transition a firm from a traditional discretionary plan to a contemporary structured incentive compensation plan. The issues in this process can be complex, but DiFonzo simplifies them by taking the reader step-by-step through the rationale behind creating a structured incentive compensation plan, each phase of the creation process, and expert strategies for solving the issues that invariably arise with changes to compensation.


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