Compensation Interactive


By using the most comprehensive salary database for the construction and engineering industry.

Not sure what to pay a new Project Manager in Connecticut or you have a job opening for an Estimator in Phoenix?

Check out FMI's Compensation Interactive to get the most comprehensive, real-time salary data for construction and engineering professionals in today's market.

Subscribers Receive

  • ƒƒIndustry-specific job titles & descriptions from multiple job families
  • ƒƒAccurate, reliable & statistically validated compensation data
  • ƒƒReal-time national, regional & local compensation data
  • ƒƒConvenient web access & a mobile friendly version
  • ƒƒAbility to pull sample reports without having a subscription
  • ƒƒMore than 80,000 incumbants for salary benchmarking
  • Canadian data now available

How Your Firm Benefits

  • ƒƒMaximize the return on your human capital investments
  • ƒƒAvoid overpaying employees impacting or reducing already thin margins
  • ƒƒAvoid underpaying employees contribution to increased employee turnover
  • ƒƒProvide accurate, company specific, real-time reports
  • ƒƒIncrease efficiency with a low-cost subscription and convenient web-access
  • ƒƒAttract and retain top employees

Two Options Available

  • Instant access to the entire database with unlimited reports for 12 months at $995
  • Upload your company data and receive the same unlimited access for only $500 for 12 months.

Compensation Interactive For more details, please go to Enroll and gain access to the compensation data you need today!

Compensation Interactive

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