Public Pension Compensation Survey

New Market Pay Data for Public Pensions Coming Soon!

FMI Compensation is pleased to announce its first annual compensation survey for public pension fund systems!

With the addition of Priya Kapila as FMI’s Compensation Practice Leader, FMI will be conducting a new, comprehensive compensation survey this fall that focuses on critical public pension jobs. With Priya’s expertise and experience in the industry and FMI’s robust survey tools and resources, the survey results are expected to provide participants greater breadth and depth of compensation data than has previously been available.

Public Pension Compensation Outlook

Many public pension fund systems have experienced volatile employment trends since the market downturn in 2008. The link between investment performance and employee incentive compensation rapidly diminished as a result of political and public scrutiny. Furthermore, pressure for many systems to align with broader governmental practices led to reduced salary increases and, in some instances, wage freezes.

However, new opportunities for public pension fund systems came out of the recessionary period as well; investment professionals and others with specialized expertise that may otherwise have focused only on private sector firms were recruited. In addition, many systems carried out strategic reorganizations aimed at optimizing processes to better serve members in the future.

As the economy gradually improves, the need for effective human resources practices is increasingly important. The labor market is clearly tightening – we see this most among public pension information technology, investment, and healthcare staff – and employees are at greater risk of leaving for improved compensation and advancement potential.

In the coming weeks, you will receive additional information regarding participation in FMI’s public pension compensation survey. In the meantime, please feel free to contact with any questions and reference the “2016 Public Pension Salary Survey.”

About FMI Compensation

FMI Compensation provides current and meaningful compensation data as well as consulting services in all areas of compensation, including:

  • Salary administration
  • Incentive and deferred compensation plan design
  • Executive compensation

FMI's certified compensation and benefits professionals possess significant experience in compensation and related areas and provide customized services to FMI Compensation clients in order to build effective compensation and reward plans within their organizations.

About Priya Kapila

As the Compensation Practice Leader with FMI Corporation, Priya is responsible for leading the compensation consulting practice of FMI Compensation. Services provided to clients are primarily focused on the areas of organization-wide salary system development, executive compensation review, and short-term and long-term incentive plan design.

Prior to joining FMI, Priya was the Senior Manager of Compensation Consulting for CBIZ, where she specialized in designing compensations systems for clients across diverse industries. The majority of compensation consulting services performed for CBIZ’s governmental clients – including public pension fund systems – fell under Priya’s purview.

Public Pension Compensation Survey

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