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June 19-22, 2017
Kananaskis Village, AB

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What is the Canadian Leadership Institute?

The ECA/FMI Canadian Leadership Institute is for Engineering and Construction companies with a Canadian presence/location. It is a four-day encounter giving insight about your unique leadership style and how it affects others. Powerful learning experiences enable you to identify your strengths and opportunities for growth. This program focuses on the leadership challenges and development opportunities for Architect, Engineering and Construction industry leaders.

You will discover how to leverage your leadership abilities for maximum effectiveness. You can expect experiential learning, lively discussions, powerful assessments in a feedback-rich environment, an action plan and follow-up.

Effective leadership develops through experiential learning opportunities coupled with timely, specific and relevant feedback.


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Why Should I Attend the Leadership Institute?

The Leadership Institute provides benefits on both an individual and an organizational level. As a leader of your company, you will:

  • Learn how to reach your peak potential as a leader
  • Gain a deep understanding of your leadership strengths and areas for improvement through formal assessments
  • Clearly understand your leadership effectiveness from coaching and feedback during the program
  • Create a strong action plan to help improve your leadership performance
  • Receive a certificate of completion for continuing education credits

Sending current and future leaders of your organization to the Leadership Institute will help your organization by:

  • Lowering the risk of your business by building a deep pipeline of leaders
  • Enhancing your ability to execute strategic growth initiatives
  • Increasing employee engagement and retention
  • Developing your leaders so they can take on roles with greater responsibility and impact

The ECA/FMI Canadian Leadership Institute qualifies for the Canada Alberta Job Grant!

The Canada Alberta Job Grant allows you to receive up to 66% of "Tuition" costs back! Total "Tuition" cost is $6750. This excludes meals and lodging. Please use $6750 when applying for the grant. Total estimated rebate is $4455.

Go to for all the instructions to start the application process.

If you have questions call Sarah Hansen at:

Telephone: 780-638-9424 from Edmonton

Toll-free: 1-855-638-9424 from elsewhere in Alberta

Email: or

Attendee Quotes:

“You will learn deeply about yourself. Why you do the things you do. I enjoyed seeing and experiencing the 'developing leaders one at a time.'”
— Cory Jodoin, President, Jen-Col

“Working closely with so many peers was really motivational. Great to see so many of our construction contacts commit to improving their future leaders.”
— Ben Aitchison, Senior Project Manager, WAM Development Group

"Very insightful. This program will open your eyes to what may be holding you back from being even more effective. It gave me the tools to approach my challenges and weak areas from a different point of view point.”
— Terry Bateman, Operations Manager, Clark Builders

“This program will exceed expectations and push boundaries to create an environment of personal growth.”
— Darren Boyde, Business Development Manager, Jen-Col Construction LTD

“Ideal program for an individual transitioning to a leadership role.”
— Doug Haines, Project Executive, Clark Builders

“The Canadian Leadership Institute helps show where an individual can improve and the bigger picture in life.”
— Faizal Jiwani, President, AMAN Builders Inc.

“The one on one feedback and assessments were extremely valuable in helping me understand myself. This will definitely help me relate and manage my staff more effectively.”
— Mark Lindquist, President, Emcee Construction and Management Ltd.

“The program questions what is holding you back from becoming a great leader. It shows you what to do to be a great leader.”
— Adam Pressacco, Operations Controller, Ledcor Contractors Ltd.

Canadian Leadership Institute

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