Executive Advisory

Do you often feel alone as a leader?

Are you CONFIDENT in the direction are taking your company?

Are you facing difficult decisions and need a
trusted outside perspective?

What is Executive Advisory?

Executive Advisory provides you with general leadership advice and guidance. FMI's Center for Strategic Leadership will act as a trusted advisor for you and other executives within your organization as needed. Your Executive Advisory sessions are customized based on your leadership and organizational situations.

How Can an Executive Advisor Help Me?

You Executive Advisor can help you with your organizational or individual leadership needs. FMI will understand your individual issues, perspectives, and challenges to determine the right solutions for you. These areas can relate to your business or your personal challenges as a leader in the following areas:

  • Decision making around business strategies and initiatives
  • Leading change in your organization
  • Strategic thinking development for you and your successors
  • Leadership transition planning
  • Your role in achieving future organizational goals
  • Identifying and developing your next generation of leadership
  • Building and selecting a Board of Directors Board of Directors role, alignment and focus
  • Personal leadership challenges

Why Should I Select FMI's Executive Advisory?

FMI's only focus for the past 60 years has been on the A/E/C industry. We understand the challenges, frustrations and fruitful successes that come with it, making your Executive Advisory customized, personal and relevant. FMI's Executive Advisors will advise you on realistic solutions to your current and pending challenges as a leader within our industry.

Executive Advisory

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