Executive Coaching

98% of FMI Coaching clients are either "very satisfied" or "satisfied"


94% of FMI Coaching clients say it is worth the financial investment they have made
96% of FMI Coaching clients say they make a greater contribution to their company because of their coaching engagement 

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a one-on-one partnership between you and your FMI professional coach to meet your specialized needs and goals. FMI professional coaches bring more than 60 years of specialized knowledge in management consulting to the construction industry to help you improve your leadership.

Your Executive Coaching experience will be:

  • Specifically tailored to help you execute workplace strategies
  • Explicitly built around your work experiences and challenges
  • Distinctively designed to help you leverage your abilities within your organization

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Do I Need Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a proven, effective method of developing current and future leaders within your organization. If you are having challenges in the following areas, or any similar leadership challenges, you may be a great Executive Coaching candidate:

  • Knowing the difference between leading and managing and how to do both
  • Preparing to take on a leadership role
  • Effectively coaching and mentoring others
  • Building and leading high-performance leadership teams
  • Thinking more strategically about your business
  • Identifying developmental opportunities for yourself and others

Why Should I Select FMI's Executive Coaching?

Working in the A/E/C industry means your business and leadership operates in a unique way compared to other industries. Our Executive Coaches focus on developing exceptional leaders specifically within the engineering and construction industry, one person at a time. FMI's Executive Coaching knows your business, which helps you achieve your desired results faster. Your Executive Coaching experience will be:

  • Intentional — there is accountability and conscious commitment to a process that sustains change and leadership growth
  • Purposeful — tied to strategic objectives, specific organizational results and individual developmental needs and goals
  • Personal — tailored to an individual's real business challenges, customized to specific scheduling needs, and implemented through confidential one-on-one conversations

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The Voices of FMI's Clients:

"85% of my communications are improved using the tools I learned from my coaching experience."

"The value I've received from coaching is priceless for me. How do you put a price tag on better relationships, stronger marriage, loving your kids, opening yourself up to your faith? I feel like I almost have part of my life back."

"It was well worth the investment and I would have paid for it myself had I known how helpful it would be."

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Executive Coaching

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