Peak Leadership Training

Does your organization lack
leadership consistency

across regions and divisions?

How strong is your
as a leader?

  Do you know how
to reach your
peak leadership potential?

Is your next generation of talent ready to lead?

What is Peak Leadership Training?

Over time, all leaders need to fine-tune their leadership skills so you can effectively lead and develop the next generation of talent. As a current or future leader, you are a unique contributor to the success of your organization, which makes your own skill development important. Training and development with FMI's Center for Strategic Leadership will help you reach your peak leadership potential in an efficient and effective manner.

Your Peak Leadership Training experience will be tailored to meet the specific challenges you are experiencing. During FMI's training sessions, you will:

  • Learn the concepts and essential skills for leadership
  • Discuss current critical leadership issues
  • Generate realistic solutions to your specific leadership challenges
  • Create opportunities for skill building and real-time feedback

What Leadership Skills Can I Learn?

You will find that the following leadership skills are essential to becoming a peak leader because they provide you with well-rounded leadership knowledge and expertise. Each session targets specific leadership behaviors that will provide you with tangible, realistic strategies for implementing them into your daily routine.

Set Direction

Connect people, projects, processes and objectives to the long-term vision, goals and strategies of the organization.

Learn more about Setting Direction.

 Think Strategically

Think on a long-term, strategic level about the current and future trends in the marketplace and how you can capitalize on relevant opportunities.

Learn more about Thinking Strategically.

 Align Resources

Provide alignment between your organizational resources (human and financial) to make more effective decisions to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Learn more about Aligning Resources.

 Motivate & Inspire

Motivate employees based on their unique needs and desires, demographic generation and career stage to sustain long-term employee engagement and retention.

Learn more about Motivating & Inspiring.

 Focus On Others

Gain commitment and loyalty of employees by focusing on their needs, desires and personal goals instead of your own.

Learn more about Focusing on Others.

Execute & Follow Through

Learn the tools to improve efficiency, enhance personal influence, hone communication skills and ask great questions that drive organizational performance

Learn more about Executing & Following Through.

Lead Within

Examine effective personal disciplines to put in place because you cannot effectively lead others until you lead yourself first

Learn more about Leading Within.

Develop Talent

Learn the framework for developing talent through strategic delegation, effective use of performance feedback and developmental discussions.

Learn more about Developing Talent.


Increase awareness of how your worldview affects your ability to lead others and how other people’s worldview differ to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

Worldview brochure coming soon.

Peak Leadership Training

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