Organizational Assessments

"Most organizations exploit only a fraction of the knowledge, experience, and intellectual capital that is available to them. But the healthy ones tap into almost all of it."

- Patrick Lencioni (The Advantage)

What Are Organizational Assessments?

Think of an organizational assessment like a doctor's visit. FMI's Center for Strategic Leadership will help you identify areas for improvement and strengths to leverage after a comprehensive review. Leadership effectiveness along with the overall organizational performance will be assessed and benchmarked against the rest of the A/E/C industry. The results of your organizational assessment can then be used to inform future development.

Why Are Organizational Assessments Important?

Organizational assessments will help you and your team:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization
  • Learn what changes are necessary in order to elevate your organization to the next level
  • Develop unique leadership plans to help improve organizational performance

What Types of Organizational Assessments Can I Take?

You will receive a comprehensive organizational assessment in any area you need. Some common organizational assessment areas include:

  • Leading Business Operations
  • Cultural Health
  • Organization-Wide Leadership Capability
  • Overall Organizational Performance

Organizational Assessments

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