Vision Development

Why does your
organization exist?
What will your organization
look like in 20 years?
What uniquely differentiates your talent and culture
from your competitors?

What is Vision Development?

Building an enduring organization in today's unpredictable environment requires the kind of leadership that drives trust, commitment and engagement in its employees. Building a vision for your organization requires you to look inward to identify why your organization exists and how you behave on a daily basis. It also requires you think about your organization's future.

If you struggle to identify the core reason your organization exists or where you are, you are not alone. FMI's Center for Strategic Leadership will help you and your leadership team build a vision that is clear and authentic.

What Will the Process Look Like?

Every vision is unique because every organization is unique. Clarifying your organization's unique vision will be one of the most rewarding and thought provoking processes you and your leadership team experience. During this process, your team will:

  • Discuss and understand what sets enduring organizations apart from other organizations
  • Clarify your organization's purpose and values
  • Set long-term goals for the organization
  • Establish clear communication of the vision
  • Improve culture through alignment of people, strategies and goals

Vision Development

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