Building Executive Teams

Approximately 37% of leadership teams are ordinary, 42% of teams are low performing or "dysfunctional". That means that only 21% of leadership teams are high performing.

- Wageman, 2007

What is Executive Team Development?

As a member of an executive leadership team, you have considerable responsibility. Not only are you accountable for the success of your organization, but you are also in charge of creating a positive employee experience. The challenge is that every leadership team is different. Whether you recently formed a new team or you have been working together for 20 years, every team is made up of leaders with different experiences, motivations and worldviews.

Figuring out how to work well together can often feel overwhelming, emotional and unrealistic. FMI's Center for Strategic Leadership will help you and your team work more effectively to attain peak levels of team performance.

What Will the Process Look Like?

Every team dynamic is different. Your team experience will depend on the past, present and future state of your team. FMI's Center for Strategic Leadership will customize your development process to address the specific needs of your executive team. During your engagement with us, your team will:

  • Set a foundation for the team consisting of an agreed upon purpose, behaviors and norms
  • Align the team's vision, strategies and goals with the organization
  • Gain a better understanding of individual team members' strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase collaboration and accountability through role identification
  • Strengthen trust and manage conflict among team members
  • Set strategic team goals for the future and learn how to benchmark your progress

Building Executive Teams

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