Executive Team Advisory

Have you felt the need to seek an
outside perspective when faced with
tough team decisions?
Does your team
positively challenge
one another's ideas?
Does your
executive team need
guidance and direction?

What is Executive Advisory?

Executive Team Advisory provides your leadership team with advice, guidance and an external perspectives to the challenges you face. Your Board of Directors, executive team or any other leadership team will immediately see the impact of having FMI's Center for Strategic Leadership act as a trusted advisor. Your Executive Advisory sessions are personalized based on your team's leadership needs and specific organizational situations.

How Can an Executive Advisor Help Me?

Your Executive Team Advisor can help your team with any leadership or organization issues. With over 60 years working in the A/E/C industry, FMI will address your individual concerns, perspectives, and challenges to determine the right solutions for your team. Executive Team Advisory serves as a sounding board in many different areas such as:

  • Building and maintaining a high performing team
  • Making effective, strategic decisions
  • Understanding the root cause of synergy issues and conflict among team members
  • Strategic goal setting aligned with the organizational initiatives
  • Team member selection and promotion
  • Developing strategic thinking skills for the entire team
  • Team-specific challenges

Why Should I Select FMI's Executive Team Advisory?

FMI's only focus for the past 60 years has been on the A/E/C industry. The Center for Strategic Leadership specializes in leadership development within the A/E/C industry so your solutions will be relevant, applicable and personal. FMI's Executive Team Advisors will advise you on realistic solutions to your current and pending challenges as a leader within our industry.

Executive Team Advisory

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