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2013-2014 Events and Seminars Catalog

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FMI offers a variety of relevant subjects and innovative training approaches to meet the needs of leaders wanting to grow and expand knowledge and skills.




Introducing the “FMI Signature Programs” Series

Emerging Managers Institute
Although people need to have a solid foundation of technical knowledge, the most successful leaders of the future will have also developed strong management, leadership and business skills in order to grow their company’s profitability.

Project Manager Academy
During this high-level, immersion experience, project delivery professionals examine themselves, their organizations and their processes, transforming from talented builders into true construction entrepreneurs.

Construction Executive Institute
FMI has designed this program to develop financial knowledge using the intense, experience-based Construction ProfitAbility™ simulation. Coaching from FMI’s industry experts and interactive workshops challenge each participant to take his/her lessons learned straight to the bottom line.