Buyer Representation

FMI offers clients access to our unparalleled network of industry contacts and relationships, created from decades of experience providing mergers and acquisitions advisory and consulting services to major U.S. and international engineering and construction firms. A large percentage of our more than 600 executed transactions have been representing buyers by conducting extensive industry research, target identification and approach strategies to complement our client's corporate strategy. Our experience includes representing both public and private strategic firms, private equity groups and international firms. Through involvement in mergers and acquisitions activity, employee and management buyouts and business valuations for different purposes, FMI offers a practical, market-tested understanding of the value of a firm.

We have the capability to do a broad search, one-off negotiated transaction or anywhere in between. Our team of experienced bankers has the knowledge and experience to facilitate an expeditious process and negotiate based upon years of experience. FMI only considers a transaction a success when it is completed efficiently and we have exceeded all client expectations.

Mergers & Acquisitions Corporate Strategy Flow Chart

Complementary Consulting Capabilities: To complement our mergers and acquisitions services, we have consulting capabilities in financial analysis, market research, marketing, strategic planning, acquisition integration, leadership development, training and other due diligence services to help clients better prepare for and successfully manage an acquisition.

Buyer Representation

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