Business Development

Let FMI Grow Your Profitability by Pinpointing
Your Unique Market Advantage to Help You Win
More Work.

We can help you create a strategic business-development vision and an implementation plan that will delight your customers and baffle your competition. We call this profit-building approach the FMI Backlog Builder® process. It is based on proven consulting and training methods used by the most respected firms in the construction industry.

The FMI Backlog Builder® process gets results.

Companies seeking to discover more profitable work, build key customer relationships, differentiate themselves from the competition or broaden their markets will benefit from FMI's strategic approach to business development.

Differentiate from the competition:

  • Get more qualified leads
  • Develop long-term customer relationships
  • Target the best customers and markets
  • Produce winning proposals and presentations
  • Create effective marketing communications
  • Secure profitable contracts
  • Increase profits

Business Development

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