FMI Backlog Builder

Develop profitable customer relationships and markets with a broad business development point of view and achieve your business goals.

The FMI Backlog Builder® process is comprised of six key elements that address the "get-work" needs of your company to build an effective business-development strategy.

Business Development Assessment

An internal view of business development that encompasses feedback from management, business development staff and operations in order to define current successes that need to be leveraged into the future and to discover any "red flags" that need short-term attention.

Market Research and Analysis

Utilize FMI’s Research Services to determine your strategic approach to the market using customer-satisfaction and image surveys, target-market research and competitive-climate analysis.

Target Marketing

Increase your proposal hit rate and land profitable work by discovering your competitive advantage and leveraging your position in within your target market.

Differentiation Strategies

Set your company apart from the competition with a differentiation strategy that provides the elements of service the customer is willing to pay for and makes you more competitive focusing on value not price.

Competitive Positioning

Know the market positions of your key competitors and your strategic response to those competitors by utilizing detailed market studies.

Marketing Communications

Pull it all together by implementing a market-driven plan which aligns your internal business development resources and establishes a strong brand within the marketplace.

FMI Backlog Builder

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