Requirements & Considerations

Having appropriate members is significant for FMI Peer Groups to be successful for all participants. An established set of ground rules is critical before the process begins so every member of the group knows what is expected.

Requirements of Joining a Peer Group:

  • Ownership structure
  • Local or regional contractors
  • Noncompetitors
  • Similar client/project orientation
  • Commonality of delivery systems
  • Similar revenue
  • Similar business issues

Considerations for Peer Group Formation:

  • Clarification and consensus on goals and objectives
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Optimal meeting format
  • Organization and structure of the group
  • FMI's roles and responsibilities
  • Rules of engagement for all members
  • Budgets and investment commitments
  • Participating peers from each company
  • Superior chemistry among the members


Requirements & Considerations

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