“Being part of FMI’s peer group has been priceless for us. I’ve developed relationships with peers with whom I talk on a monthly basis and we share each other’s experience and knowledge.”
—John Falewitch, President, Falewitch Construction Services, Inc.

“Our experience with FMI’s peer group has been phenomenal. It’s a constant check to bring you back to what’s really important within the business. I always come back charged, full of ideas and focus on what is really essential.”
—Kevin Martin, Project Manager, Fermar Paving Limited

“The peer group experience is especially unique. Our meetings are very engaging and enjoyable but also very helpful in tackling relevant hot topics of the day. It keeps you current, but more importantly, it provides a great network of close, trusted advisors with whom you can interact. We constantly reach out to one-another throughout the year.”
—Mark J. Hourigan, Owner and President, Hourigan Construction

“The peer groups have been a very positive experience. Having six to seven executives from other companies provide input on our company plan was very helpful. It helped us make the right changes that were necessary to run a very successful business during the last decade.”
—Gary Langmuir, President, Wohlsen Company

"Best meetings I have ever been involved with---get to compare/share processes/ideas with companies that are very similar, but not competitors because of geography"
—Terry Edwards, Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.

"We feel fortunate to be part of such a talented group. There is good chemistry and a strong rapport."
—Blake Anderson, The Penta Building Group, Inc.

"Awesome group of folks has had a significant impact on our company."
—Joe McKee, Paric Corporation

"The spectrum and diversity of employee training and development work being done by the various companies was really helpful. Everyone had his/her strengths and areas of focus and everyone had his/her weaknesses and areas of improvement. FMI did a great job facilitating the process, disseminating information to attendees and focusing the agenda to maximize everyone's investment."
—Jim Morris, Winter Park Construction Company

"I do appreciate their honesty and willingness to help each other during difficult times."
—Gail Fleming, Drury Construction Company, Inc.

 "I am quite pleased with the openness and helpful attitudes of all Peer Group members and think each of us is getting a lot out of our meetings and the shared information."
—Dennis Hilgenfeld, Howard Shockey & Sons, Inc.

"Each meeting I have been able to take two or three ideas and adopt them to fit my company, improving or adding valuable process, procedure or policy. I feel that I learn something valuable at each meeting and also at each dinner."
—Joe DeMaria, DeMaria Building Company, Inc.

"I wrote a summary for the senior managers in our company, and I was surprised at how many lessons learned and other valuable ideas I got from the meeting."
—Ron Davoli, Wharton-Smith


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