Productivity and Project Management Improvement

Improve the Operational Performance of Your Business

We help contractors SAVE
    of their annual field labor costs
                    through better productivity.

We help contractorsi
margin erosion.

We improve operational performance


The Voices of FMI's Clients:

"...we're about 20-25% more productive on an average man-hour compared to when we first started working with FMI."
— Brian Hornung, Director, Findorff

"Our net income number has doubled (as a percentage) thanks to the work we've done with FMI."
— John Kalkreuth, President, Kalkreuth Roofing & Sheet Metal

"...Not only has the impact been positive from a financial standpoint, but we have also improved our processes, culture and morale."
— Daniel Blosser, President, Riddleberger Brothers...A Comfort Systems USA Company

Would Your Company Benefit From Engaging FMI's Project Execution Experts?

  • Is margin erosion common on your projects?
  • Do you run over the labor budget for your projects?
  • Are you strategically committed to improving productivity, improving operational performance, and/or implementing LEAN management practices?

If you answer "yes" to any of these critical performance-related questions, FMI's productivity and project management experts can help.

Learn More About FMI's Productivity Builder® Process for Labor-Intensive Contractors

Learn More About FMI's Project Builder® Process for contractors that subcontract a significant portion of their work.

Productivity and Project Management Improvement

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