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FMI's Productivity Builder® Process For Labor-Intensive Contractors

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What else are clients saying about FMI?

FMI's Productivity Builder® Process is designed for labor-intensive construction firms that self-perform a significant portion of their work and spend over $5,000,000 a year on field labor costs.

Our clients include:

Mechanical contractors Self-performing GC's Road & bridge builders
Electrical contractors Structural steel contractors Paving contractors
Drywall contractors Roofing contractors Site & civil contractors
Concrete contractors Masonry contractors Utility contractors


What Are Our Clients Saying About The Value Of Working With FMI's Productivity Improvement Experts?

"We've seen significant gains in productivity since we hired FMI. In just the first year, we improved productivity by 10-12 %. Today, we're about 20-25% more productive on an average man-hour compared to when we first started working with FMI."
Brian Hornung, Director, Findorff

"On average, we've seen a 5-10 % productivity improvement thanks to the processes established in collaboration with FMI."
Daniel Blosser, President, Riddleberger Brothers...Comfort Systems USA Company

"Our net income number has doubled (as a percentage) thanks to the work we've done with FMI."
John Kalkreuth, President, Kalkreuth Roofing & Sheet Metal

"Thanks to the processes FMI introduced to our company, productivity increased by double digits."
Bob Fabrizio, President, Mechanical Technical Services...A Comfort Systems USA Company

"The original goal was to achieve a double digit labor productivity gain within 48 months. Under the direction and leadership of FMI, we achieved that gain within 24 months. We even have some crews that significantly exceeded that gain."
Dennis Norman, Vice President of Corporate Performance, Miller Pipeline

"FMI's broad industry insight and understanding of how it might apply to a company is invaluable. We felt like we had a great company culture; FMI quickly recognized the merits of our culture and helped us strengthen it even more. The FMI team helped us better implement many tools and processes that already existed, and did so in a way, which involved employees from all levels. The "buy-in" to our new approach has been refreshing."
Herb Sargent, President, Sargent Corporation

"The work with FMI has revolutionized the way we do business. We're a much better company now; much more aware of the ground-roots kind of movements that feed up to our strategic plan."
Peter Morandi, CEO, Eastman, Cooke, & Associates, LLC

"Since we started working with FMI, we've seen productive gains and more organization; we have fewer fires to put out because we're more proactive; and in some cases, contractors and owners now rely on us to create schedules and run the projects."
Brent Williams, Owner/President, Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection

"FMI's productivity training forced us to shift our focus from solely building projects to reevaluating our processes on how we run our business.... One thing we learned is that what gets measured gets done."
Kurt Rodgers, CEO, S.W. Rodgers Company

"FMI helped create a culture around productivity, process improvements and the ability to understand business-driven measurements, planning and feedback that impacts labor."
Dennis Norman, Vice President of Corporate Performance, Miller Pipeline

Productivity Improvement

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