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FMI’s Project Builder® Process For Contractors That Subcontract a Significant Portion of Their Work


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What else are clients saying about FMI?

FMI's Project Builder® Process is designed for general contractors and construction managers Our clients include general contractors, construction managers and trade contractors with specific concerns and challenges related to project management.

To learn more about how your company can improve your project management processes and performance, contact Gregg Schoppman in FMI's Tampa, FL office or Ethan Cowles in FMI's Denver, CO office.

What Are Our Clients Saying About The Value Of Working With FMI's Project Execution Experts?

"Over the years, we've documented the jobs that are "in-process" versus the ones that are "non-process." Jobs on which we're implementing FMI's processes and planning tools are about 2-4% more profitable compared to the "non-process" jobs. And in this kind of economy, every half a point makes a big difference."
Brian Hornung, Director, Findorff

"FMI is very knowledgeable and insightful in the operations of contractors in the construction industry. If you can maintain an openness to listen and really become introspective, you will find that there are opportunities to improve your performance."
Barry Fries, CEO, Fries Constructors

"The strategy and expertise FMI brought to Miller Pipeline was and continues to be a 'game changer'."
Dennis Norman, Vice President of Corporate Performance, Miller Pipeline

"FMI got us from 'good to great' by helping us improve our systems and processes."
Tim Wies, President, TJ Wies Contracting

"We've lived four years in this downturn and while we haven't grown, we've held on and maintained our profitability. Our clients are much happier since we've implemented consistent systems and processes. There's a way we do things now; clients know what to expect and they like the level of professionalism we have."
Jeff Emerson, Vice President of Operations, Montgomery Martin Contractors

"FMI's consultants helped us develop a culture around disciplined planning and execution of work."
Mark Eichelbaum, Chief Operating Officer, Cram Roofing

"FMI's involvement has had a very positive impact on our business. Not only has the impact been positive from a financial standpoint, but we have also improved our processes, culture and morale."
Daniel Blosser, President, Riddleberger Brothers...A Comfort Systems USA Company

"When we hired FMI, they really forced us to sit down, define our systems and processes on paper and come to an agreement as a team. The result provided a lot of structure and accountability for everyone."
John Falewitch, Falewitch Construction Services

"The FMI consultant we worked with has become a true friend over the years. He calls every two months and we talk about what is going on. His interactions with us are not just about helping to improve our processes and then moving on to the next project. He's always in touch – regardless of whether we're under contract with FMI or not. That has made more of a long-term impact than anything."
Ray Withbroe, President/Chief Operating Officer, Tweet/Garot Mechanical

"FMI works with the best-in-class companies in North America. Having FMI's consultants come in and share that knowledge with us – what best-in-class companies are doing – and guiding us in how we can mold our culture around that, has been valuable for us."
Kevin Martin, Project Manager, Fermar Paving Limited

"FMI's communication tools have improved the dialogue between the field and our office immensely. We're supporting our foremen so much better than we have in the past and it's making them much more efficient."
Brent Williams, Owner/President, Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection

Project Management Improvement

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