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FMI is recognized as an industry leader in the project specific teambuilding and partnering alignment arena. Since partnering's entry into the construction industry in the late 1980s, FMI has worked with more than 1,000 projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and the Philippines, representing more than $60 billion in contract value.

FMI has worked with some of the largest infrastructure, general construction, healthcare and industrial projects in the western hemisphere in multiple types of project delivery methods, including traditional design-bid-build, design-build and CMAR/ECI/IDC. A dozen projects that FMI has been involved with have been feature stories on the cover of Engineering New Record. In the process FMI has established a baseline for the proper implementation of teambuilding/partnering on large, complex project situations.

FMI has parlayed the above experiences into the implementation of the following processes, tapping on the depth of the organization and industry alliances to incorporate Integrated Project Delivery and Lean principles when requested by the client:

  • Ongoing teambuilding/alignment/partnering among the owner, design-engineer and construction teams throughout the duration of the project
  • Alignment within joint venture teams
  • Team evaluation surveys for project staff of all entities throughout the duration of the project
  • Team evaluation surveys within joint venture teams
  • Lessons learned close-out analysis between owner, design-engineer and construction teams
  • Lessons learned within joint venture teams

With a distinctly business-pragmatic approach to teambuilding, FMI's process is focused on getting the right people together at the right time to make the right decisions that will directly impact the bottom line project issues of safety, schedule, budget and quality. FMI custom tailors its approach to the specific needs of each project to ensure that expectations are met and an appropriate return on investment is achieved for the participants.

The Voices of FMI's Clients:

"We like FMI's presence in the industry; they know the industry and many of its stakeholders. FMI has a good track record with many owners as well as the contractors on trying to get resolution on critical issues. They know how to work through all the peripheral stuff and get to the heart of the matter."
Herb Morgan, Senior Vice President and Head of Fluor's Infrastructure Business, Fluor Corporation

"We're very comfortable working with FMI. We have used them a lot; we know them and they know us. I always recommend going with FMI for project-level partnering."
Senior Vice President, Large North American Construction Company

"FMI's partnering facilitators are 'straight shooters', candid and direct. They are not afraid of dealing with the tough issues and stay truly objective throughout the process."
Senior Vice President and Head of Transportation Design-Build, Large Global Engineer-Procure-Construct Company

"Most of our customers have raved about FMI's partnering process, saying that they will implement partnering on all of their projects going forward. The biggest feedback we get from our customers is that executive partnering helps to ensure that everyone on the project is held accountable for what they proposed and promised in the RFP or bid."
Patrick Hogan, Chief Operating Officer of The Conti Group

Project Partnering and Team Building

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