Risk Management

Protect your balance sheet and your legacy Transform risk into a Strategic Asset
Many contractors unknowingly have significant gaps in their risk management program

"Working with FMI has changed the way we look at risk management...Today we're embracing and managing risk. All business units have been trained on our new risk management techniques and now understand what risk means to them and their jobs as well as the company as a whole."
Dallis Christensen, Chief Financial Officer, Layton Construction

Risk management in the construction industry means many things to many people. At FMI, we see the purpose of risk management as two-fold: the first being to protect and de-risk the balance sheet, and the second being to leverage risk management as a strategic asset.

  • Poorly managed or unknown risks, if significantly neglected, can be a threat to your balance sheet, which in turn can be a threat to the legacy and viability of the company to thrive in the future.
  • The idea of leveraging risk management as a strategic asset transforms risk from a cost center to a potential profit center and allows you to be more competitive in your market.

From risk management assessments and financial risk tools, to designing and implementing processes such as enterprise risk management, project risk assessment and captive feasibility, FMI’s Risk Management Practice can help your company better embrace risk management and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Have You Considered?

  1. What role does risk management play in your strategic plan?
  2. Is your company's risk management program a cost center or a profit center?
  3. Have you identified all the gaps in your risk management program?

How You Benefit:

  • Leading contractors utilize risk management to differentiate themselves, secure more work, deliver work on-time and on-budget and, ultimately make more money.
  • Protect the legacy. Most contractors have significant gaps in their risk management program. Gaps put the balance sheet and the company’s legacy at risk.
  • Make more money. Effective risk management adds significant $’s to your bottom line.

Risk Management

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