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on where to compete

on how to win

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The Voices of FMI's Clients:

"We've done a number of strategic plans in the past, working with independent consultants who didn't have any expertise in the construction industry. I think FMI's depth of knowledge and expertise in construction really made a difference in our strategic planning process."
Leonard W. Martling, Chairman and CEO, The Weitz Company

“We brought in FMI when things were really going well to make sure we continued doing well. We were looking for ways to make the most of the resources under our stewardship and FMI understood that. We’re now a better company; we derive strength from one-another and have a higher level of confidence that we’re thinking things through and moving in the right direction.”
Rich Weeks, President and CEO, Weeks Marine

Would Your Company Benefit From Engaging FMI's Strategy Advisors?

  • Do you rise and fall with the market or does your strategy put you ahead of trends?
  • Is your strategy built on privileged insight?
  • Is your strategy granular enough about where to compete and how to win?
  • Are you confident in risking your balance sheet based on the strategic choices you’re considering?

Strategy Advisory Services

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