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What else are clients saying about FMI?

No one understands competitive strategy in the construction industry like FMI. Whether your company’s objective is the development of a new strategic direction, a refinement of existing strategy, differentiation, growth or the development of a “game-changing” idea, FMI has the expertise and experience necessary to achieve your goals. We can help you determine where to invest your most-limited resources (time, treasure and talent) to maximize your return on those investments.

How You Benefit

  • You will have confidence in the strategic decisions made because the process explores many options and then settles on the few that will actually achieve your goals
  • ƒƒWe test the assumptions that drive current and proposed strategy and perform the research that leads to decisions based on fact rather than the conventional wisdom that guides many companies
  • ƒƒWe will help you put in place a realistic strategy that considers the gaps between your current capabilities and what is required to deliver results. This ensures alignment of resources (leadership, organizational capability, financial resources, systems and skills) with the strategies selected
  • ƒWe work with your team to help you make strategic decisions at every level of your organization

What We Offer

  • Deep industry knowledge and insights based on 60+ years of working in this industry
  • Independent, objective perspective that tests assumptions and challenges the status quo
  • Alignment of the leadership team and other key organizational stakeholders to ensure success in strategy implementation
  • Practical strategy that is both externally aware and internally focused


FMI's Strategy Model

What Are Our Clients Saying About The Value Of Working With FMI's Strategic Advisors?

“The work with FMI has really helped us define who we are and where we want to go.”
— Brent Williams, Owner/President, Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection

"The strategy and expertise FMI brought to Miller Pipeline was and continues to be a 'game changer'."
Dennis Norman, VP of Corporate Performance, Miller Pipeline

“The work with FMI has revolutionized the way we do business. We‘re a much better company now; much more aware of the ground-roots kind of movements that feed up to our strategic plan.”
— Peter Morandi, CEO, Eastman, Cooke, & Associates, LLC

"Going through FMI’s strategic planning process gave our executive team a greater level of cohesion and shared direction across all business lines. It was ultimately an empowering experience for all of us and provided us with a common understanding of what our options were for moving forward."
Rich Weeks, President and CEO, Weeks Marine

“FMI’s consultants did an outstanding job of getting everybody to understand how critical the strategic planning process was and how important our roles were. I can’t tell you enough how satisfied I was with the engagement.”
John Kenny, Former CEO of Kenny Construction

"...FMI quickly recognized the merits of our culture and helped us strengthen it even more. The FMI team helped us better implement many tools and processes that already existed, and did so in a way, which involved employees from all levels."
— Herb Sargent, President, Sargent Corporation

"FMI helped us focus on the correct markets and lay out a plan for us to implement in going forward and focusing on those markets."
Leonard W. Martling, Chairman and CEO, The Weitz Company

Strategy Development

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