Training and Development

Is Your Next Tier of Managers Ready to Lead?

planned to increase spending on training over the next 3-5 years

76% of construction company owners over 50 plan to retire in the next

Expand the skills and knowledge of the next generation so they are equipped to manage in the future


The Voices of FMI's Clients:

“People – that’s our number one asset. Anybody can rent a building or buy equipment; if you don’t have the right people you won’t succeed in this industry. Therefore, we focus on training and improving our people. That’s where FMI has played a critical role over the years.”
— Art Corwin, President, Moretrench

“Our team members who have completed FMI’s time management training and applied those principles have moved up to senior managers. They are better organized, are able to identify what’s important to the client and can prioritize tasks accordingly.”
— John Navarro, Chief Operating Officer, Primus Builders

“All of our employees who participated in FMI’s Construction Superintendent training program felt it was of great value. Everyone immediately said that we needed to conduct this kind of training on an annual basis.”
— Mitch Haddon, President and CEO, ColonialWebb

Would Your Company Benefit From Engaging FMI's Training and Development Experts?

  • Does your firm have a plan for preparing the next generation to take the lead?
  • Are you challenged to retain your “A players” and recruit and hire new talent?
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of collaboration between your field and office operations teams?

Training and Development

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