Customized Research Services

Custom studies conducted by FMI's Research Services Group include:

Due Diligence

During acquisition due diligence for both strategic and private equity investors, FMI conducts research to identify risks and opportunities related to the acquisition candidate.

Frequent areas of focus include market size, growth trends, competitive positioning and trends that impact the resultant value of the target firm.

Sales Force Assessment

FMI provides an objective, experience-based review of the client's sales effectiveness. Typically performed for industry suppliers, this assessment looks at both the skills of the sales organization and the results achieved compared to a direct and/or indirect market opportunity.

The assessment may include 360° input as well as customer feedback.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial for enhancing performance for contractors and industry suppliers. FMI's research in this area includes identification and profiling of key competitors in the market; identification of these firms' strengths, weaknesses and perceived market strategies; as well as evaluation of market trends and future opportunity in the market.

Product manufacturers frequently require third-party research to secure customers and work input related to new and existing products.

This research frequently focuses on the importance and value of various product attributes and, in the case of existing products, the performance of various competitive products. From this research, suppliers have additional field-based input from which to make more informed development, distribution, marketing and pricing decisions.

Customized Research Services

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