Market Assessments

It has been our experience that our clients encounter exceptional growth and profit when their key decisions are supported with detailed, fact-based market assessments.

The FMI Research Services Group designs and conducts market assessments to define, characterize and forecast key dynamics in the marketplace.These typically include:

  • Market size and growth
  • Underlying trends and drivers
  • Segmentation
  • Leading customers and buying practices
  • Competition
  • Potential game-changing products, technology, regulations

Development of fact-based market information is fundamental to effective decision making. Robust market assessments provide critical support to strategic planning, business development, acquisition strategy, sales force deployment, business expansion and new product development decisions. Markets can be defined by different boundaries.

The FMI Research Services Group commonly performs three types of market assessments:

Geographic Assessment: Includes studies that are geographically defined by counties, MSAs, states and national or international regions. Boundaries may be aligned with current or proposed service areas, sales territories or office/plant locations.

Product/Industry Assessment: This type of assessment focuses on a particular product category (e.g., ductwork, windows) or industry segment (e.g., ready-mixed concrete, steel bridges, tilt-up construction). In many cases, it is beneficial to overlay a geographic assessment as well. For example, the market assessment could be defined as the post-Katrina masonry market within the Gulf Coast region.

These assessments are particularly useful for building product manufacturers, manufacturer and contractor associations, and private equity firms that may be exploring specific opportunities.

Construction Segment: The boundaries of these market assessments are defined by U.S. Department of Commerce construction segments (e.g., commercial, offices, multifamily). Market assessments conducted within a construction segment may be related to strategic planning or business expansion. A geographic definition is often overlaid as well (e.g., tenant improvement in New York City).

Our experienced research consultants are able to develop detailed assessments, including niche subsegments.

The FMI Research Services Group conducts market assessments for general and specialty contractors, building products manufacturers, private equity firms, trade associations and materials producers. Each assessment is designed to address the specific issues faced by our clients.

Market Assessments

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