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FMI Compensation Products: Data on Total Rewards

Increasingly today, attracting and retaining talent requires more than just competitive compensation but requires a comprehensive package of total rewards. FMI Compensation offers a holistic picture of total rewards including compensation benefits, work-life balance, rewards and recognition, training and development, retirement, phones, vehicles, pay practices, family leave and more.

Compensation Survey

The Compensation Survey provides compensation data primarily for non-union professionals.

Data Filters include: survey year, survey title, revenue range, industry, geography, bonus status, and whether an incumbent was in the same position as in the previous year.

Data Elements include: base salary, short-term incentive pay, and automobile benefits.


Win the talent war against their competitors with competitive, accurate pay packages

Create accurate pay scales for their specific market conditions

Establish accurate salary ranges – eliminate the guesswork

Reduce compensation risk at their company – use reliable data

Executive Survey

The Executive Survey provides compensation data for executives and company leaders.

Data Filters include: survey year, survey title, revenue ranges, geography, bonus status, and whether an incumbent was in the same position the previous year.

Data Elements include: base salary, short-term incentive pay, long-term incentive pay, board of directors’ pay, long-term incentive company practices, predicted base pay, total cash and total compensation.

Attract key executives by establishing base pay targeting the market range

Motivate high-performers with incentive plans that pay above market

Retain talent with long-term incentives based the most recent market labor intelligence.

Benefits Survey

The Benefits Survey contains data on benefits offered at construction and engineering companies.

Data Filters include: survey year, revenue range, and industry (for engineering and construction industries).

Data Elements include: medical, dental, life & disability, retirement, executive and fringe benefits, work/life, PTO and professional development, automotive, salary increase, relocation, turnover, and other pay practices.

Attract key talent with best-in-class medical and dental benefits.

Retain your key players for the long-term with work-life balance, training and development and pay policies that reflect the most recent trends in the industry.

Recruit college graduates. Recruiting young talent requires not only understanding graduate pay levels but also career paths and salary structures.

Industries Available

Commercial Building
Heavy Civil
Industrial Building
Industrial Painting
Oil & Gas
Operations & Maintenance
Renewable Energy

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Engineering &

About Our Data
FMI Compensation has been collecting labor market intelligence for the E&C and Homebuilders for over 20 years. FMI collects over 100,000 pay records annually to provide the most comprehensive data available.

Survey NameRecords
Construction Professional52178
Engineering & Environmental47189
Homebuilders Professional18795
Homebuilders Executive2685
Homebuilders Sales & Design5820