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Industry Focus. Powerful Results.

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Industry Focus. Powerful Results.

Turn knowledge into action.

Capitalize on our expertise.
As the leading management consulting and investment banking firm dedicated exclusively to engineering and construction, infrastructure and the built environment, it is our duty to share our expertise. Collectively, we offer our insights and research through reports, events and articles to help you conquer your biggest challenges.

  • FMI Quarterly

    Tap into our expertise on a variety of future-focused industry topics.

  • FMI Outlook

    Look ahead with our quarterly construction market forecasts.

  • Special Reports

    Dive into more detailed accounts of recent industry issues and outcomes.

  • Blog

    Stay up to date on the latest trends and gain tips for success.

  • Speech Topics

    See our portfolio of subject matter expertise for future speaking engagements.

  • FMI Webinars

    On-demand access to FMI experts presenting on a wide range of topics.

Access research and expert perspectives.

Stay informed with our reputable industry publications. Our experts dig into important issues to provide up-to-date thought leadership on important topics in each FMI Quarterly.

Quarterly construction market forecasts.

Find the latest industry forecasts and projections in the FMI Outlook.

Special Reports

Get a full rundown on what, why and how things happened.

Need to know more? Check out our library of special reports. Dive into the details of specific events or topics with FMI and other industry experts.

Check in for the latest tips, trends and industry news.

Find quick reads on the latest need-to-know information every day with the FMI Blog. From business deals to market trends, our blog offers insightful news to help you stay connected with your industry.

Attend or host an FMI speaking engagement.

Take the opportunity to educate and inspire your team with an FMI speaker. From professional development to strategic planning for growth, FMI offers a spectrum of speech topics to broaden and deepen industry knowledge and refine the skills of any group across your organization.

"We’re now a better company; we derive strength from one-another and have a higher level of confidence that we’re thinking things through and moving in the right direction."

- Rich Weeks, President and CEO, Weeks Marine

FMI Webinars

Learn about timely and relevant topics from experts in the E&C industry

Register for an upcoming webinar to engage with industry experts on a variety of topics. If you’re not able to attend a live session, download the on-demand content for free.