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  • FMI’s 2012 Industry Trends

    Posted on October 19, 2012 by FMI Corporation

    FMI’s 2012 Industry Trends By Kelley Chisholm FMI shareholders met in late 2011 and identified several key trends they felt would shape the design and construction industry in upcoming years. The result is a collection of 10 white papers, published throughout 2012, which identifies major issues and provides analysis and insight into what lies ahead for our industry. Trends include:
    • The Changing Nature of Business in the Construction Industry
    • The Federal Construction Sector: Understanding a Transforming Market
    • Redefining Leadership: Strategic Thinking in Today’s VUCA World
    • Modularization and Prefabrication: Role Development and Evolution
    • Recovering the Lost Generation for the Construction Industry’s Future
    • The Science of Efficiency and Productivity: Construction 2.0 in the New Normal
    • Market Factors Shaping the Construction Trade Unions of Tomorrow
    • The Concilience of Design and Construction
    • Your Next-Generation Leaders: Are They Ready?
    • Globalization and How It Impacts Our Industry
    Our attempt in summarizing some of these trends is to provoke thought as to how they will evolve for your company and what moves your organization may be making in response to any or all of them. Want to learn more? For the complete collection of these trends, please visit:

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  • Who Really Cares About Ethics?

    Posted on October 5, 2012 by FMI Corporation

    Who Really Cares About Ethics? By Andy Patron “The construction industry has not done a good job of regulating itself,” says FMI’s Patron. “The attitude we’ve seen in a lot of companies – not ones that lead the industry, but ones just trying to get by – is: I know where the line is, and I want to be just on it. There’s plenty of stuff that’s legal but unethical.” –, 09/19/12. Who really cares about ethics? Everyone and no one. Today, it only seems to matter if someone is caught.

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