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  • NRCI Second Quarter 2013 Highlights

    Posted on May 30, 2013 by FMI Corporation

    Nonresidential Construction Index Second Quarter 2013 Highlights By Randy Giggard “I think I can. I think I can,” said the Little Engine that Could. At 60.1, we have reached the highest score for the NRCI index since its inception in Q1 2009. This is not yet a bullish trend, but it demonstrates that the nonresidential construction market continues to push upward, just like the Little Engine. Except that the construction industry is a really big engine. Most of the sub-indexes for the NRCI this quarter showed good positive movement, even though backlogs continue at nine months, not much different than they have been for the last two years running between eight and nine months.

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  • Let Us Hear How Your Company is Attracting, Developing and Retaining Its Talent

    Posted on May 16, 2013 by FMI Corporation

    Let Us Hear How Your Company is Attracting, Developing and Retaining Its Talent By Kelley Chisholm Now that the economy has started to make a comeback, the war for talent is once again in the headlines. Baby boomers will start to retire in droves during the next several years, with fewer people to replace them. Many talented people in the A/E/C industry who were laid off during the Great Recession moved on to different industries, never to return to construction. For more than 15 years, FMI has distributed its Talent Development survey to construction firms nationwide in order to identify current training and development practices, trends and challenges affecting today’s market. We want to know how companies have fared over the past several years and what the future holds in terms of attracting, developing and retaining their most valuable asset — their people. We invite you to participate in FMI’s latest Talent Development Survey. The information we gather will be published in the early fall and will show how your company compares to others and what some of the best practices are in our industry, as well as articles on a number of training-related topics. As usual, we will feature a few companies who have been innovative and successful over the years in terms of training and development, and that company could be yours! To participate in this important survey, click on this link: or contact Kelley Chisholm at 919.785.9215. Your feedback is appreciated as we continue to provide research to the construction industry on this ever-important topic. The survey is open until the end of May.

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  • Adding Science to the Art of Leader Selection

    Posted on May 3, 2013 by FMI Corporation

    Adding Science to the Art of Leader Selection By Jake Appelman When the time comes to select a new leader, difficult questions arise, such as whether to choose an internal or external candidate, what skill sets to seek, how to assess for intangibles such as interpersonal skills and cultural fit or how to find the right blend of operational experience and executive leadership ability. In an industry that values instinct, it is no surprise that many executive teams rely on traditional methods of interviews and resume reviews to make hiring decisions. While instinct and “feeling” about a person can be effective, human resources and industrial psychology research shows that adding science to the art of personnel selection can significantly improve the odds of a successful hire.

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