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  • Reinvesting in Training: What to Consider

    Posted on June 21, 2013 by FMI Corporation

    Reinvesting in Training: What to Consider By Shirley Ramos We at FMI are seeing an increased interest in training from our clients. Perhaps you are feeling this need as well. As most organizations responded to the economy adjustment in 2008/2009 by looking hard at their budgets, programs and departments that could not prove a direct and clear link to end revenue – showing a firm and predictable ROI – were the ones that were dismantled or at best “put on hold.” As a result, dollars for training and training programs were the first to be re-allocated. Fast forward to 2013 and the construction industry is experiencing a deficit in both hard skills (trades, technical execution and administrative procedures) and soft skills (communication, leadership and time management) with their employees as well as those they are recruiting. At the very least, updates on internal processes and systems, and external requirements and compliances have been poorly communicated. An executive of a large electrical contractor recently talked with surprise and urgency about updated safety requirements that his more senior field team was not aware of. Add the reality of tighter margins in construction projects and we are seeing a rising focus on the need for industry change and human performance improvement.

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