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The Engineering and Construction Industry’s Most Reliable Online Source for Total Rewards Compensation and Benefits Data

FMICompensation.com, makes it easy for you to access and analyze FMI’s proprietary industry compensation data online. Data includes the Total Rewards picture – Compensation, Benefits, Work-Life Balance, Rewards and Recognition, Training and Development and more.

For over 65 years, FMI has been the leading advisor to the Engineering and Construction industry. For the last ten years, FMI has been offering exclusive industry compensation & benefits information that has helped clients make informed decisions and have confidence in their compensation strategy.

Whether you are benchmarking pay levels, hiring, determining merit increases, total rewards analysis, designing incentive new plans, we have the data you need. Contact us to learn more.

What FMICompensation.com Data Unlocks For You

Mitigate risk – avoid over or underpayment
Identify who in your company is above and who is below market values to understand the magnitudes of your risk.

Win the talent war against your competitors with competitive, accurate pay packages
Beat the competition in the talent war with pay packages using the most accurate construction and engineering salaries by position and geography.

Reduce compensation risk at your company – use reliable data
Self-reported salary data is unreliable at best. Empower your company using real payroll files for data-driven decision making.

Establish accurate salary ranges – eliminate the guesswork
Establishing salary ranges without real pay data is a huge risk for your company. FMI uses real payroll files from industry leaders.

Track regional, state or national compensation trends – and plan accordingly
Compare compensation trends by geography and position and plan accordingly.

Create accurate pay scales for your specific market conditions
A paper salary report updated once or twice a year can not keep up with market conditions. FMI’s online platform is a live system, delivering timely and accurate data that is updated regularly.




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