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Industry Focus. Powerful Results.

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Industry Focus. Powerful Results.

Peer Groups

what we offer

  • The FMI Peer Group experience is a unique forum for construction industry leaders to collaborate on proven success strategies and enhancing profit.
  • We match companies very specifically by their relative size, ownership structure, type of work, number of employees, markets served and delivery systems, etc.
  • FMI manages more than 40 individual Peer Groups across the industry.

how you benefit

Membership in an FMI Peer Group helps participants improve their businesses, network, expand their vision, give and receive feedback, and identify new business opportunities.

Successful Peer group members are progressive thinkers and are open to new ideas, willing to change and be challenged, open communicators, willing to share information, financially successful, understanding of how business works and have chemistry with other peers.

FMI Peer Groups

  • General Contractor Peer Groups
  • Nonresidential Contractor Peer Groups
  • Mechanical Contractor Peer Groups
  • Electrical Contractor Peer Groups
  • Union Electrical Contractor Peer Groups
  • Nonunion Electrical Contractor Peer Groups
  • Specialty Contractor Peer Groups
  • Drywall Contractor Peer Groups
  • Heavy Highway Contractor Peer Groups
  • Integrated Highway Contractor Peer Groups
  • Civil Contractor Peer Groups
  • Underground Utility Contractor Peer Groups
  • Asphalt and Aggregate Producers Peer Groups

"The peer group experience is especially unique. Our meetings are very engaging and enjoyable but also very helpful in tackling relevant hot topics of the day. It keeps you current, but more importantly, it provides a great network of close, trusted advisors with whom you can interact. We constantly reach out to one-another throughout the year."

- Mark Hourigan, Owner and President, Hourigan Construction

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